Dear guests of Villa Tolnay, dear wine lovers,

After a really excellent result from the 2019 harvest, we are already looking forward to the upcoming 2020 harvest. Always striving to learn something from each vintage and always open to new thoughts and changes, we will approach the new wine year full of enthusiasm and ambition.

After we were able to bring our new cellar and its possibilities into operation for the first time in 2019, the focus in 2020 will be entirely on the 4 hectares of vineyards that we are replanting in May; Pinot Noir, Rheinriesling and Welschriesling. Especially in the first two years of new planting, there is a lot of work to be done in the new vineyards, much of which, as usual at Villa Tolnay, is entirely manual work.

We will also expand our entire vineyard area, exclusively on the southern foot of the Csobanc mountain, by over 20% to a total of 25 hectares in order to meet the constantly growing demand for our wines.

The new vineyards are in the best possible location and will be cleared and plowed this coming autumn to prepare them for 2 to 3 years of relaxation before they are replanted.

The new planting in May and the preparation of the new vineyards take up a large part of our resources and are the absolute focus this year.

The Villa Tolnay team has therefore decided to focus its work and concentration even more on the core topic of wine. Constant investments, vineyard renewals, the expansion of the vineyard, the constant striving to improve the quality of our wines even further takes up most, rather all of our time. The rest of the time that is available to us belongs to our loved ones, the family.

Our success and the growth of Villa Tolnay over the past few years have made us decide to concentrate practically exclusively on wine and to adapt our commitment in the catering sector accordingly.

As of this year, we are foregoing our gourmet menus and are now offering a menu that should focus on our wine. In the style of a typical Heuriger, we will in future mainly serve cold specialties and only two to three simple warm specialties. This means that at Villa Tolnay, wine is at the very center, as is the core of our entire work. In addition, we will hold our "Sound & Silence" event from June to August at which we offer a barbecue with steaks from the charcoal grill and live music.

We are convinced that we will encounter understanding and acceptance with our guests and wine lovers with the new concept, even without multi-course gourmet menus, and we continue to promise them the usual friendly and competent services, as well as high-quality wines and dishes. Guests who value warm gastronomy in addition to the offer of Villa Tolnay, we can suggest and recommend several restaurants in the vicinity.

We are already looking forward to the visit of our guests and wine friends and remain with best regards.

the Villa Tolnay Team