Terroir wines born on a volcanic soil

Csobánc hill, located on the Northern shore of lake Balaton, in the Tapolca basin, is one of the most beautiful volcanic mountains in Hungary. This is where the centre of our estate and most of our vineyards are located. Our vineyards spread across 17 hectares, but we also process grapes from an additional six hectares in the Badacsony wine region. The combination of unique geological conditions, the heat-retaining basalt soil and the microclimate resulting from proximity with lake Balaton allow us to create wines of special character and quality.




Our full-bodied, dry wines have deep fruit notes, a strong minerality, strong acids, a high extract content and long aging potential. Our main variety is Olaszrizling, of course. It is undoubtedly difficult to sell this wine outside Hungary, but I think it is important to preserve this grape here, because it is the grape which is able to bring the terroir character into the wine. We should use Olaszrizling as the ambassador of the terroir. We tried several grape varieties, had a few experiments with Hárslevelű and Pinot Gris, but, in the long run, we prefer Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. We planted Chardonnay, which nicely shows the potential of the volcanic soil.

After ten years, we are still trying to find the grape variety that best fits into this environment. We have Grüner Veltliner almost by accident, because this variety was planted around the house. However, I am quite happy with it, because we sell this wine even in Austria where, for example, Wachau's Grüner Veltliner is almost unbeatable. It is very difficult to enter the market from another country, but our wine runs quite well there and the sommeliers like it. We have Rhine Riesling from Badacsony, since the first moment we started making wine. Its character is similar to German Rieslings. As regards white wines, we will focus on two or three varieties in the upcoming years, and the same applies to red wines. From the reds we have Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Pinot noir, and we also planted Cabernet Franc. I think we have to focus on single varietal wines.




White wines

High nutrient content in the region is well-expressive wines that are great favorites of the Hungarian gastronomy. Fermentation and aging in the finest Stockinger oval barrels that contribute to the beauty and flavoring round.

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Red wines

Burgundy style red wines, which are well show Pannon basin region minerality. Extremely long potential.

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Dessert wines

Late harvest wines can only prepare for our merriment, and to believer in Badacsony, that can rival the great sweet wines of Tokaj.

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